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For me, creating music will always be an act of giving. My mentors have instilled a breadth of knowledge and compassion into my artistry along with a call for me to do the same for others. I am blessed to have reached a point in my career where I may begin to share my own discoveries. I am currently accepting students in the Houston area and virtually via Zoom. All ages and experience levels are welcome!

My teaching philosophy...

Music-making involves a delicate interlacing of inter- and intrapersonal connections and expressions. These include connections to audiences or collaborators, as well as those between the instrument, body, and mind. As an educator, I strive to nurture the development of these connections, allowing the whole musician to be available in sound and story. I implement strong fundamental training and discipline to enable further musical creativity and curiosity to be executed with ease. My teaching looks beyond the sheet music, empowering students to infuse emotion, imagination, and life experience into their performances. Lessons encourage the exploration of these elements to create personal expression, memorable interpretations, and sonic individuality. I employ practice techniques and exercises which allow students to become active listeners, aiding in their ability to self-critique and correct while unlocking their true potential. 

My teaching experience...

I currently instruct and learn alongside approximately 100 Houston area students through private lessons and masterclasses. Before traveling to Houston, I gained over five years of experience teaching private lessons and coaching small ensembles in the central Michigan area. I have presented workshops and performances throughout several local school districts and have been a four-time counselor and flute/woodwind instructor for the Shepherd High School Marching Band. I have also assisted at the Central Michigan University Summer Music Flute Institute alongside Dr. Joanna Cowan White.

During my undergraduate degree, I had numerous opportunities to expand my teaching resume and refine my teaching approach through seminars and workshops. As a Teaching Fellow through the New England Conservatory's Community Performance and Partnership Program, I taught lessons and masterclasses in several Boston Public schools. I also provided individual flute instruction through Tunefoolery, an organization for musicians in mental health recovery. For two years, I served as a Teaching Assistant at the New England Conservatory, assisting professors and tutoring undergraduate theory students. 

Performance health...

The health and well-being of my students will always be a top priority. Having faced many personal performance-related injuries, I fully understand the importance and necessity of well-informed, healthy movement. Lessons will not only focus on sound, technique, vibrato, etc. but how these elements are influenced and potentially hindered by physical set-up and movement practices.

I am a current affiliate with the Association for Body Mapping Education, growing and learning with Vanessa Breault Mulvey and a small group of affiliates. I have taken the course, "What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body," parts 1 & 2 through the New England Conservatory as well as the Peabody Institute's course, "Playing Well Anatomy + Movement." In July 2020, I received a certificate from the Performing Arts Medicine Association for completing the online training program, Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine.

Students can expect that lessons will:

- Refine technique and encourage self-exploration.

- Diagnose weaknesses and devise an individual plan for improvement with clear goals.

- Provide students with advantageous tools for solo opportunities and competition settings.

- Educate students on performance practice, history, and theory to craft informed performances.

- Examine playing posture and set-up to assure healthy playing and performance health.

- Be fun!

Are you ready to start learning?

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